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The Vision of the Church At Cactus


A Steadily Growing Church

  • Steady addition of individuals and families who become involved in the life of the church and remain involved.

  • Where guests sense the presence of the Holy Spirit and unqualified love and acceptance.

  • Where members are intentional about nurturing relationships and inviting people to church.


A Church Involved in Meaningful Ministry.

  • Ministry that reaches out beyond ourselves.

  • Ministry that meets needs and touches people in life-changing ways in our own community and around the world.


A Church that Gathers Faithfully and is Involved in Meaningful Worship.

  • Where people acknowledge and embrace diversity; not simply tolerating diversity but genuinely appreciating it and growing because of it.

  • Worship that incorporates diversity of style in each service and that draws upon the traditions of the whole church, both ancient and contemporary.


A Church that is True Community.

  • Community is a grace gift from God and is, therefore, a sacred thing that must be loved and nurtured.

  • Community is a place where all are accepted and allowed to belong, even before believing.

  • Community shares in suffering as well as joy.

  • Community is a place where we can openly, safely and with unqualified acceptance be on a spiritual journey,


A Church that is Authentically The Body of Christ.

  • A church that focuses on spiritual formation and avoids the trap of commercialism in the name of“so-called success”.

  • Our identity is centered in our worship because that is where we most consistently and effectively encounter God.

  • We must focus on being Christ to the world, not on institutional self-preservation.

  • The Church does not have a mission program, the church is God’s mission program.

  • Evangelism is not about counting converts, it is about scattering seed.

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