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Welcoming Community

We realize that everyone is at a different place in his or her spiritual journey. God has not called us to judge other, but to accept all and welcome all.  We believe that life is lived best when experienced together-learning, growing, celebrating and spending time with one another.

Grace Community

We believe that the defining characteristic of God is love for all people.  God's grace-unfailing, life-changing, healing love-is the most important message of our faith. We avoid legalism and remind people of Jesus' unconditional Love.

Intentional Community

We believe that community is a grace gift from God and is designed to nurture human relationships-a place where people know your fears, failures and dreams but love you anyway. In our increasingly fragmented and lonely world, community is God's tool for life transformation. A community of faith is life-changing and healing. It's in these scared relationships and honest, loving communites that God transforms us. 

Bridge-Building Community

We are committed to building a church community where those that have been rejected, outcast and written off can find genuine love, acceptance and inclusion. We value togetherness, unity and the healing of wounded hearts.

Healing and Healthy Community

We believe that our respect for one another is paramount to our success as a faith community.  We are to be a hospital for hurting and wounded people who are loved, nurtured and encouraged by an accepting, non-judgmental community.

Founded Upon Relationships

Relationships are the most important asset that any faith community ca nurture. Because they have an eternal dimension, relationships with other are infinitely more valuable than programs and materials.  Relationships should always take precedence over busyness, numbers and noise.

Committed to Authenticity

Striving always to be authentic Christians, we are willing to be open about our strengths and weaknesses.  In life, we recognize that real people experience real problems, failures and doubts. As authentic human beings, we strive to embrace each other and provide love and acceptance rather than judgment.

Every Person has the Capacity to Serve

We practice the truth that everyone is a minister by encouraging every member to find a place to serve whether its within the organization of our church or within her or his own communities of influence.

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